Active Grants 

R01 NS083767, PI: Nakano, I (Contact); Lee, J
Priority Score: 23, Percentile: 5.0                                                   7/1/2013-6/30/2018
Targeting MELK-mediated EZH2 signaling in Glioma Stem Cells

R01 NS083629, PI: Lathia (Role: Co-Investigator)
Percentile: 21                                                                                       7/1/2013-6/30/2018
Novel adhesion mechanisms in glioblastoma stem cells.

R01NS087913, PI: Nakano, I; Rich, J (Contact)
Priority Score: 21, Percentile: 8                                                        4/15/2014-2/28/2019
Metabolism Informs Intertumoral & Intratumoral Heterogeneity

R01CA183991, PI: Nakano, I
Priority score: 20, Percentile: 10.0                                                    2/15/2015-1/31/2020
Novel role of compensatory proliferation in human brain tumor.

R01CA201402, PI: Nakano, I; Cerione, RA (Contact)
Priority score: 19, Percentile: 5.0                                                       12/5/2015-11/30/2020
The roles of a unique GTP-binding protein/crosslinking enzyme in disease

R01 NS093843-01, PI: Cheng SY (Role: Co-Investigator)
Priority score: 19, Percentile: 4.0                                                        12/1/2015-11/30/2020
Glioblastoma Subtype Interconversion Through miRNA Control of Wnt Signaling

R21 CA198648-01, PI: Iyer VR (Role: Co-Investigator)
Priority score: 20, Percentile 6.0                                                           5/19/2016-4/30/2018
Novel role of the polycomb repressive complex PRC2/EZH2 in glioblastoma

Pending Grants
R01, PI: Turkson J (Role: Co-Investigator)
Priority score: 26, Percentile 8.0
STAT3, G6PD and TrxR as underlying mechanisms for antitumor responses to hirsutinolides


Pending Grants 

R21 CA198648-01, PI: Iyer VR (Role: Co-Investigator) (Priority score: 20, Percentile 6.0)
Novel role of the polycomb repressive complex PRC2/EZH2 in glioblastoma.